Oh dear

Well, obviously, this is going to make my trip a great deal harder. I was planning on carrying all my camera equipment as hand luggage so I’ll have to make alternative arrangements. I don’t like the idea of all that gear slopping around in the hold (and being bounced around in the bowels of an airport) but I don’t think I have much choice.

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  1. John Ellis Says:

    If you get away at all, I hope you have an enjoyable trip. As to camera gear going in the hold, I agree with you. I hope you have it all insured.

  2. John Says:

    Thanks John. I am assured that the gear is insured. I’ve just picked up one of those aluminium cases with all that padding which is a much better arrangement than throwing all the stuff into the suit cases.

  3. John Ellis Says:

    Sounds good – if expensive! But if you’re going all that way for such a long time, it must be worth it. I trust that you find a few internet cafes to keep in touch!