Taking a trip and other news

I’m a very lucky boy. On Friday I will be leaving for an extended trip to the USA to take in the delights of Ohio, Yellowstone, Wyoming and Florida. Much of the trip will be spent on horseback, living the life of a cowboy. I hear that Wyoming is big on mountains and I have a log cabin lined up a little distance from some of them. My shutter release finger is twitching.

I have managed to get quite a bit of equipment into one Lowepro Slingshot bag. Camera, lenses, cleaning equipment, hoods, filters, cards, batteries, flash and a PhotoSmart portable disk drive. I’ve had to attach some sliplock accessories to the body of the bag to get it all in. The tripod will have to go in with the main luggage.

Oddly, with all the promise of the open range, mountains and all that good stuff I’m especially looking forward to the first part of the trip where I will be spending a few days with some friends in their Ohio home. I’ve never really taken in much of the US suburban scene and am intrigued as to how it might differ from the semi-rural suburban life I lead out here.

The trip will involve quite a bit of travelling given the distances involved. Multiple car rentals and multiple internal flights, the latter being a bit of an issue given my fear of flying (odd juxtaposed with the shots of flying machines on this site I suppose).

Lots to do before I leave.

In other news I’ve just finished another shoot at an elderly care home in Hertfordshire. I understand that the marketing people who are putting the brochure together are taken with one shot in particular so that’s good news. This time we started the day knowing exactly the kind of image that we were looking for and the general theme that we wanted it to portray. This was very clearly defined shoot where the idea was to come out of it with a single usable image and I think we were quite successful in that.

The conditions were a little challenging as we were shooting in very bright midday sunlight with the background interest (playing children and a pagoda) exposed to the full brightness of the day and the foreground interest (main subject and bench) positioned under a large shady tree. Diffused fill flash was the order of the day.

Anyhow, toodle-pip for now. This is likely the last post here for a while unless, of course, they have internet cafes in the wild west.

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