BBC report on photo backups and viewing preferences

The BBC reports that about one-third of digital camera users in the UK are not backing up their photographs, according to research commissioned by Symantec. They also report that the way people are viewing their ‘snaps’ is changing:

The traditional photo album may be in demise; about seven out of 10 are printing less than a quarter of their images, while 30% said that they did not print out any hard-copies.

That’s a particular shame because the printed photo album fulfils a roll that is hard to replicate with purely digital/electronic means.

I’ve lost count of the number of times one or more of our albums has come out on the spur of the moment during a period of reminiscing with friends over a drink or two (ok, usually more than two).

“Wow, look how thin you were.”

“You look funny with hair.”

Clearly not references to photographs of myself.

The logistics of being able to do this in an impromptu manner with the usual equipment available are a great deal more complicated than with a book of photos. It just doesn’t happen, not in my household anyway.

John Long, from the Digital Imaging Group of the Royal Photographic Society, said the digital camera and the internet had changed the face of photography.

“People don’t print their pictures any more – they put them on their computer or on a CD. Technology has moved on and lots of people would now prefer to look at their pictures one at a time on a TV or computer screen.”

I’m not sure it’s entirely down to preference. Frankly I think it’s just easier, or rather the fact that it’s easier is a large part of the reason for the preference. That and the fact that storing large photo albums is often a problem.

Perhaps I’m just starting to fall off the crest of the technology wave. It’s been a long ride.

As for backups my own strategy involves backing up to separate networked hard drives and also to Delkin gold disk CD’s stored in Secol archive polyester based sleeves filed into their own brand archive box. I could, and should, probably do more.

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