Alamy plans ftp upload service for all photographers

The stock photography agency, Alamy, is preparing to move its photographer image submission process from a postal based CD/DVD submission one to a digital file upload one using ftp. The new service called AlamyUpload is still in development but in preparation Alamy now asks photographers to send images as JPEGs instead of Tiffs, though at the same 48mb size.

Personally I think that they are making a mistake in not running both CD/DVD and ftp submissions together. Certainly I have already read complaints from a number of photographers. Regardless of available broadband services there is a certain amount of pain involved in having to upload hundreds of images. A change in workflow will be required for many, perhaps preparing and uploading images in small batches ‘on the fly’ rather than gathering a large number of photographs together before a final DVD submission.

We shall have to wait and see how this works out. Perhaps Alamy will drop their 48mb size requirements when the system finally goes live. Compression gets these sizes down to reasonable levels but there are some worries about quality when it comes to decompressing these files back to 48mb from a jpg source especially for photographers with relatively low resolution kit, say 6 megapixel.

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