An Update on Things

Wow, it’s been a while since my last post here but then again, I’ve been pretty busy elsewhere. The new job is going extremely well and there are many reasons for that but the one thing that I have noticed is how much I actually enjoy being employed in such a varied role.

My previous jobs, and my photography business, were essentially very specialised. I would concentrate on one thing at a time in incredible detail. Be it one line of code out of hundreds of thousands or one small part of one image or histogram, they all lead to a certain inward looking, insular working life.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still doing all those things in my current role, but these are interspersed with many other activities.

On the coding front, the new corporate web site is in the latter stages of development and testing and is due for release on the 1st April (what a day to choose). It’s driven by the usual blend of php and mySql and really seems to work well. I’m very happy with the way it’s come together. I don’t think there’s another site in the market sector quite like it.

On the image front, I’ve been doing quite a bit of photography for the department and this is set to continue. I have a big portraiture shoot this Monday with a few others lined up after that one. In terms of stock photography sales, things have been varied. They are still coming in but prices seem to be quite a bit lower than when I first started. That, I guess, is entirely to be expected.

I did have one very good sale in excess of $750 a little while a go. A relatively difficult image to reproduce, hence the high price I suppose.

In other news, our dog …. the one that features in this picture blog and this preamble has recently passed away. Murphy was sometimes grumpy, often silly, but always lovely. He was only 6 years old, which is far too young really, and we all miss him very much still.

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