Interesting Times

It’s been an interesting year so far for me and the Photography business. Lots of shoots, some for big clients, lots of travelling and lots of images. To get straight to the point of this post I am no longer available full time for freelance photography work as I’ve been employed full time by one of my clients as an in-house photographer and web guy.

If you are an existing client I’d like to thank you for all your custom to date, it really has been appreciated. You’ve taken me to lots of places that I would not have seen otherwise and you’ve offered me the opportunity to photograph some amazing things, in particular some really fantastic interior spaces.

Thank you all.

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  1. Sue Bruce Says:


    Just had a look at your website, which is great and then went onto your blog! Congratulations on your new post – you deserve it. Hope it is a fantastic opportunity for you, sounds it. I am still at Goldcare but only until Christmas.

    Best Wishes for the future

    Sue Bruce

  2. John Says:

    Hi Sue,

    Great to hear from you again and thanks so much for the comments. The new position is working out brilliantly at the moment though I’m completely rushed off my feet with the web stuff I’m doing for the company and their photography. I have to say it’s a little like a dream come true.

    Hope whatever it is you’re doing after Christmas works out fab!!