Prints available

Over the years I’ve tended to shy away from selling prints of my imagery. I guess this is mostly due to my mind set which is fixed firmly in the digital realm where my imagery is made available to image buyers, through my online agency, for use in newspapers, books, magazines, advertising campaigns etc.

A visit to my home would just confirm this print avoidance affliction. I think it’s time for that to change so I’m gradually selecting some of my favorite images and making them available as prints.

The first two galleries contain images that I am very fond of for one reason or another.


The machines gallery contains some of my personal favorite photographs of various machinery including classic car abstracts and some WW2 based imagery.


The wrangler gallery contains favorites from my American Wrangler shoot in the Big Horn mountains, Wyoming, USA.

Prints are available in a number of sizes up to 18×12 inches. I hope that some of you enjoy the imagery as much as I have over the years.

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