Harpenden Classics on the Common 2009

This year’s Harpenden Classics on the Common event will take place on Wednesday 29th July. The official web site announcing details of the event is available here.

This event promises two elements that have me coming back year after year; great classic cars and some very interesting photo opportunities. Last year was a particularly good one with the weather helping to deliver an exceptionally high turnout of enthusiasts and members of the public. The day’s photography resulted in some of my imagery appearing in The Enthusiast magazine.

Photographing the event is not particularly easy if you are looking to create pristine images of classic cars. There are simply too many elements around (people, other cars etc) to shoot clean frames. Last year I spent some considerable time shooting elements, little pieces of automotive magnificence, in response to the tight conditions. Some of these images can be seen in the machines gallery.

This year however I think I’ll be concentrating a little more on the editorial side of the event coverage by trying to capture the day as it is. People and cars all mingling with each other. Bedlam and classic car nirvana. What’s not to like?

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