Phase One – Capture One 4 revisited …. revisited

I was very keen on Phase One’s raw workflow offering. Capture One 4 offers a seductive set of features and, as I said here, really can be a time saver. What was clear to me was that it was designed with a speedy workflow in mind and it is true to say that it dealt with the large number of images I had to process reasonably well (with one exception).

There is, however, a problem and for me it’s a show stopper.

The C14 feature set is rich and the interface, though a little different from other offerings, is a joy to use once you get into the flow of things but, and here’s the thing, the RAW processing abilities of the package when coupled with Nikon D300 RAW files is poor.

Now I’m used to non-nikon software offering raw processing solutions that are less capable than Nikon’s own Capture NX. That’s the nature of impenetrable proprietary formats. But I found that the default results from C14 with the D300 profile left me with far too much in the way of adjustment to do to get anywhere close to the results offered by Capture NX.

So there it is for now. C14 may well remain part of my workflow, particularly for image selection and handling, but for now my raw images are going through Capture NX.

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