Portraiture shoot

We had a lovely shoot with Jackie and her family recently with the whole thing being shot entirely on white. The kids were great and were comfortable almost immediately with the camera and studio setup. Often there’s a period where the idea is to just let everyone get accustomed to being photographed, particularly when it’s a dynamic shoot with lots of switching around, props and ideas flying around but Martha and Stanley, Jackie’s children, seemed to have so much fun right from the off that virtually all the shots seemed natural.


We’ve organized some top of the range framing, showing images as natural sequences in frames holding three 5″x5″ prints and a few framed singles in an 8″x8″ print format.

We offer a number of different family portrait options over here in Harpenden (and some more unusual ones too) and would love to hear from you so we can chat about what it is you’re looking for.

Remember that it’s Christmas soon. Choosing presents for the grandparents is never the easiest thing … perhaps a few framed photographs would hit the spot………….

You can contact us on:

t: 07976 651133
e: john@makingimages.co.uk

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