Lions, dragons and mad bikers

Well, the time has come for another Harpenden Carnival. On Sunday the 18th of May the high street will be temporarily closed and the fun and games will begin with a parade and end with a free-for-all in Rothamsted Park. It’s a great day out and I intend to be there in my photographer capacity for the first time, rather than as a good husband and father.

This year the carnival seems to offer a great deal from the photographic perspective. The theme is “China Town” (something to do with the Olympics I think) and the Nam Yang Pugilistic Association will be there. I’m particularly looking forward to the Chinese Southern Shaolin Lion Dance & Dragon Dancing. Yup, lions and dragons. Together. Freely associating with each other and dancing.

Not satisfied with letting loose dragons and lions on the residents of Harpenden, the organizers have graciously invited this lot. Yup, THE GLOBE OF DEATH!

Photographing the mad bikers will probably be tricky, what with all that steel mesh in the way, but you never know. Lions, dragons and mad bikers. Anything could happen.

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