AlamyUpload and Alamy QC

Alamy have just rolled out their AlamyUpload service which allows contributors to upload images onto the Alamy system instead of having to mess about with all those CD and DVD submissions. I tried it out for the first time the other day and it all went very smoothly indeed. Well done to Alamy on that front.

I have also been reading about what seems like increased problems being experienced by some contributors regarding getting images through Alamy’s quality control. Now this may not be a bad thing; after all there have been complaints in the past regarding the quality of some of Alamy’s images. All is fair in love and war and if Alamy are seriously engaging in a QA strategy that raises the quality of their collection then good luck to them. Very wise indeed.

However, one complaint I have seen does concern me. That one relates to images being rejected for softness. Alamy do not allow any sharpening of any sort on contributions. Yet we have all experienced the soft images that come out of our digital cameras and we all know how well they can respond to sharpening. So there is a zone here of significant subjectivity.

Alamy take on a great number of images. There is going to be inconsistency in this subjective area and it is going to be an area of friction with the contributing community. Making images can be a difficult and drawn out process. It also costs contributers much in the way of time and money. To have a submission rejected when one cannot in all honesty see the reasoning behind the rejection must be extraordinarily frustrating.

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