Alamy blog

Well, that’s nice. Alamy have started up their own blog.

I was feeling a little sheepish all day yesterday as I stumbled upon their blog before the official release and announced it in the AlamyPro Yahoo group while also leaving a comment on the blog (first one, yay, though it was deleted when the blog went ‘live’). I quickly received a phone call from Alamy who were wondering how I had found out about it given that it was unreleased and unannounced. “I just followed the link on your web site”, I said. Ooops.

Anyhow, it’s now been officially announced and one of the things I expected to happen has happened. The comment section contains a fair sprinkling of questions that are entirely unrelated to the posting and which would better be directed at member services by email. But there you go, that’s people for you.

Alamy, I think, are going to have some community management issues. There’s only one way really to maintain a high level of information to noise in the comments and that’s to be pretty stringent with comment moderation. Either turn moderation on, which I hate in a community but which is sometimes necessary, or be pretty determined with the delete function. With so many contributing photographers it’s going to be a handful.

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  1. Damian P. Gadal Says:

    I noticed that the Alamy Blog filled up quickly with rants about Rank. They could have just opened a can of worms for themselves.

  2. John Says:


    I agree that there’s potential for that to happen, as with all company blogs. They need to consistently point the authors of such comments to member services and not respond in the comments. It might also be wise for them to collate the kinds of questions that are being asked and produce a blog article on that subject with answers to them, though they might like to consider turning comments off for such a posting.