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Phase One – Capture One 4 revisited …. revisited

I was very keen on Phase One’s raw workflow offering. Capture One 4 offers a seductive set of features and, as I said here, really can be a time saver. What was clear to me was that it was designed with a speedy workflow in mind and it is true to say that it dealt with the large number of images I had to process reasonably well (with one exception).

There is, however, a problem and for me it’s a show stopper.

The C14 feature set is rich and the interface, though a little different from other offerings, is a joy to use once you get into the flow of things but, and here’s the thing, the RAW processing abilities of the package when coupled with Nikon D300 RAW files is poor.

Now I’m used to non-nikon software offering raw processing solutions that are less capable than Nikon’s own Capture NX. That’s the nature of impenetrable proprietary formats. But I found that the default results from C14 with the D300 profile left me with far too much in the way of adjustment to do to get anywhere close to the results offered by Capture NX.

So there it is for now. C14 may well remain part of my workflow, particularly for image selection and handling, but for now my raw images are going through Capture NX.

Gallery database down

The MakingImages gallery database is currently unavailable due to system problems. I’ll be rebuilding the gallery as soon as I can, though this could be a couple of days or so as I have a busy shooting schedule.

UPDATE: The gallery is back up though some features still need fixing, such as the shopping cart facility. Sorry to customers wishing to purchase general gallery prints, I’ll have the shopping ability fixed up once I have completed my next assignment. Alternatively you can email me your requirements and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

MEDIA RELEASE: MakingImages completes 27th elderly care home interior shoot

PRESS RELEASE: MakingImages completes 27th Care Home Interior Shoot

DSC6178.jpg We’re pleased to announce the completion of our 27th elderly care home interior shoot, the last in a sequence of homes on contract for a major healthcare provider. The contract took us to homes right across Hertfordshire on a strong schedule of shooting, delivering imagery to the client throughout the shoot process.

“When working within the care home market we keep in mind that the properties are not just a place of work. They are primarily the homes of the people who live in them so the whole process needs to be approached with a high level of sensitivity and understanding. Shoots should be planned to cause the minimal amount of disruption which is why we always work closely with home managers, ensuring that rooms are available for shooting when resident demand is at a minimum.”

MakingImages continues to work within the care home industry, providing quality imagery to healthcare professionals and their clients within the UK.

Contact details:
MakingImages – Photography by John Joannides
t: 07976 651133

Portraiture shoot

We had a lovely shoot with Jackie and her family recently with the whole thing being shot entirely on white. The kids were great and were comfortable almost immediately with the camera and studio setup. Often there’s a period where the idea is to just let everyone get accustomed to being photographed, particularly when it’s a dynamic shoot with lots of switching around, props and ideas flying around but Martha and Stanley, Jackie’s children, seemed to have so much fun right from the off that virtually all the shots seemed natural.


We’ve organized some top of the range framing, showing images as natural sequences in frames holding three 5″x5″ prints and a few framed singles in an 8″x8″ print format.

We offer a number of different family portrait options over here in Harpenden (and some more unusual ones too) and would love to hear from you so we can chat about what it is you’re looking for.

Remember that it’s Christmas soon. Choosing presents for the grandparents is never the easiest thing … perhaps a few framed photographs would hit the spot………….

You can contact us on:

t: 07976 651133

Slurpy Studios

I had the pleasure of meeting Katie Steed and Aaron Wood of Slurpy Studios today, an innovative animation and web design production company based right on our doorstep in Harpenden. I invited them to the launch day of the Chiltern chapter of the BNI networking group and had a number of opportunities to chat with them about their business.

Two things became abundantly clear to me; they are excited about what they do and they are no ordinary web design company. Just take a look at their screenings and successes. It’s not just about web coding and design, it’s about the creation of something all together more interesting and dynamic.

I’m a bit of a fan of 2d animation and loved their animated “Death by Scrabble” video which they handed to me on a DVD during the meeting. The music video on the same disc was also great to watch and listen to.

There’s some seriously creative stuff going on in Harpenden right now.

Watch out for them in The George on the high street. They’ll be the ones with wireless laptops and a video camera.