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New photographs uploaded

I’ve uploaded a new collection of photographs to the gallery. These are only loosely connected by the fact that they were all taken on the Caribbean Island of Barbados during a recent trip there.

Bajan Sunset.
Speightstown Street.
Boat at sunset.
Sun loungers at sunset.
Speightstown Pier.
Wild Green Monkey.

I know, a lot of sunsets, but you know, you’re on a beach, you have a camera and the sun goes down.

The boat one was particularly exhausting to take as I was not happy with the position of the boat in the frame. To correct it I had to run at full pelt up the beach jumping over anything that got in my way. Run, run, run; lens cap off; camera up; hold breath; shoot. Phew. I looked very silly indeed.

Here’s a lightbox of photographs from the trip that I’ve submitted to my stock agency.